New Dependencies

6 November 2006, 23:12

When last in Bolton, Lancashire, I developed a dependency on Polos and Codewords. You can get Polos here if you know where to look (and Canada is a short distance away), but not the spearmint ones. There is a vague cosmetic similarity between the Polo mint and a Life Saver. There is little difference once you taste one. Cheap as chi(m)ps in the UK, but $1.50 a roll here. My supply ran out. A friend is sending more.

See, my needs have gotten more simplistic along with my outlook. Heh.

Codewords… a bit harder to explain… yes, I’ve done the odd crossword puzzle but it never caught on as a habit. The Daily Mail runs Codewords. The grid is similar but the object is to deduce the contents based on one or two letters. I picked up a book at the airport to distract me on the plane (this was, thankfully, before ink became a controlled substance). The book lasted me through the summer. When autumn came I began to panic. Caroline found newly-imported Daily Telegraph paperbacks on amazon. The first volume arrived today, enough to keep me going until Christmas, I hope.

As for older affections for cider and proper chocolates, yeah, I’ve still got those.

Rodney Eric Griffith


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