2 January 2013, 13:11

Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks posted a request for everyone in the world to blog. I did, for a while, but I grew to dislike the randomness in my content. For this reason, I did not make blogging a priority in 2012. It was immediately apparent that Facebook enabled laziness, but it also facilitated instantaneous communication, even if my audience there is restricted. In 2012, this was something of a win/win. I needed the time to regroup. I like blogging for some of the same reasons Chris provides, but the blogs I’d always wanted to emulate had thematic consistency, and that takes more out of you than just reaction to a good restaurant or a new DVD.

Also, I didn’t want the distraction because I began writing a novel. The novel has nothing to do with anything in my history or the occasional sketches I’ve published here, but it’s a challenge in that I’d really gotten out of the habit of sustained thinking. I had to develop discipline to get myself out of the habit of placing cart before horse.

np: Lily Allen, Everyone’s At It

Rodney Eric Griffith



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