Monster Mashup

31 October 2010, 11:46

Moderator: All right, we are taking a break from the proceedings in order to have a brief panel discussion on what is so far developing within the story, such as it is. Let me start with this question: are characters like “Warrington” or “Six Figure Man” truly evil? I ask this because their motivation seems to be money.

The Author: Their agenda is dominance. They just aren’t very good at it or very honest about it, especially with themselves. That’s why they’re monsters. Their behaviour is completely unnecessary. It benefits them in a financial sense to varying degrees, but at the end of the day they’re not in a position that can be genuinely construed as triumphant. All they can do is obstruct, and they think of this as being a necessary part of existence.

J. Hilary Boob, trademark of Subafilms Ltd.: Aa-ah! So you purport to write your own critical notices before even finishing the creative work itself! I applaud you.

The Author: FUCK YOU, BOOB! You were the worst fucking thing in that film. How dare you impede on my subconscious! And how dare you be right! Also, you look like a blob and yet call yourself “Boob”.

Danny: If I might interrupt, I think the author’s intent is to provide a “ripped from the headlines” atmosphere, or, given the funereal approach, a “ripped from the headstones” atmosphere.

What we have here is a monster film in which the monsters aren’t very powerful. Although they do have an unholy influence over the lives of their victims, the monsters are themselves subject to the same conditions. Their obliviousness to this situation is what enhances the sense of melancholy that permeates the combined narrative.

Clara: It is also important to note that at this point there have been few featured protagonists. The only dynamic hero figure, unless you count a parody aside based on Walker, Texas Ranger (and you shouldn’t), is The Illustrator, who is more antihero.

Kyle: Hey, I’m all hero.

Clara: Well, there’s no real story if it’s just Kyle punching people in the face.

Kyle: That would be awesome.

The Moderator: Coming up later, we’ll take a look at the many films of Michael Ripper. And, in our next installment, a new hero from an age of heroes takes centre stage.

Rodney Eric Griffith



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