Shuffle and Play

20 January 2011, 18:58

My 1st-Gen iPod Shuffle (mentioned here a long time ago) is still running, but the feature I never use is its shuffle mode. It’s always been the repository for podcasts of Le Show and Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service and lately, every Lenny Bruce recording in my library (which is missing the Philles version of Lenny Bruce Is Out Again and the Alan Douglas mash-up The Essential Lenny Bruce: Politics). They’re ideal for this purpose. When I’m remote, I find time is better engaged with voices that are speaking rather than singing.

I’ve read that the later Shuffles have slightly poorer fidelity and I’m not sure why you’d want them to be increasingly smaller. Even the newer Nanos are button-sized. They look smaller than the UNCLE ID badge.

Rodney Eric Griffith



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