The Truth of Wrong from Right

26 October 2010, 10:02

A friend who has been an unbelievably great help professionally at a time when I needed it suggested that I author a novel about “corporate culture, filled with your dry and wry wit and spot-on observations,” but this subject is better suited as a script treatment for Walker, Texas Ranger:

You’ve caused hundreds of good people to lose their jobs, Warrington. And it was all for nothing but to satisfy your own greed.

(Unemotionally) I’m sorry you feel that way, Ranger. But the law is on my side.

Not any more. It’s over, Warrington. You’re under arrest for fraud.

I resist your logic, and I also resist arrest.

(WARRINGTON makes a clumsy move for his pistol, only to receive a rapid series of triple-spin kicks to the head and midsection, until he collapses in slow motion.)

TODD, a young boy, breaks free from the crowd that has gathered.

Yaaaay! I love America, Ranger Walker!

Tag scene: CD Parker evaluates my vegetarian chili, which he reluctantly praises as “Fine, boy, that’s just… fine.”

Rodney Eric Griffith



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