Tomorrow: Another Day

9 May 2005, 22:04

I’m not sure who has been begging for a reissue of the live Badfinger disc Day After Day, but it’s out again from tomorrow, 10 May. The original issue of this CD predated any of the Apple reissues—I seem to recall it being the first time any Badfinger recording was released as a compact disc.

The tapes for this show (a 1974 appearance at the Cleveland Agora) were spirited away by departing guitarist Joey Molland, who, in the late 1980s, radically reconstructed the group’s performance, overdubbing guitar and vocal parts and replacing substantial parts of the drum track (to the chagrin of the other key member of the group, drummer Mike Gibbins). It would be interesting to have the original tapes as a second disc.

The affidavits of the surviving parties for the court case surrounding this release make for fascinating reading.

Rodney Eric Griffith


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